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“A wide-range, rich and colourful panoramic spectrum of textured music… a guitar virtuoso loyal to the expansive ’70s explosion of sound”

-Beatroute Magazine


“Strong classic rock feel, extraordinary musicianship… the guitar on this album is flawless and anyone who has a love for music can see how much emotion is put into each and every song” 

-Canadian Beats


“Incendiary guitar playing, equally accomplished as a singer… there is certainly a substantial level of songwriting craft being employed here”

-Blues Matters


“His guitar antics run from twisted, aggressive chords to speedy, structured melodic patterns and more straightforward blues progressions, with all the necessary grooves behind them”

-Edmonton Journal


“MacKenzie’s playing is amazing and his driving beats give these songs a nice, rocking edge – tasteful and extremely talented”



“Soaring guitar work… a richly diverse selection of styles but always remains an interesting listen”

-Classic Rock Society


“Imagine Joe Bonamassa jamming with Jethro Tull… heartfelt vocal and great guitar/organ interplay – storming prog rock”

-Powerplay Magazine


“MacKenzie and his bandmates are so technically skilled, yet you can still feel the emotion in every second of each song. The guitar work is impeccable and will leave you utterly mesmerized when you watch MacKenzie’s fingers glide effortlessly across the fretboard.”

-Pincher Creek Echo


“A great mix of new and old, layered on a foundation of searing guitar and heavy bottom end”

-The Cochrane Eagle