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With a diverse palette of influences the Mike MacKenzie Band is a powerful, bluesy, cohesive unit. Each member adds their personality to the melting pot and a potent brew is cooked up at every performance. Conceived in 2011 as a vehicle for MacKenzie’s accumulating original repertoire, the band has evolved far beyond initial expectations into the tour de force it is today.

Through a culmination of experiences Mike was led to assemble this group, with musicianship and eclectic sensibility as top priorities. He had previously been involved in several original rock bands, studied jazz at Calgary’s Mount Royal University and always had a deep-seeded foundation in the blues. Eventually the stars aligned and he was able to devise a product of all these important ingredients. The band is influenced by such predecessors as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and The Allman Brothers, but undeniably have a sound all their own. Mike takes care of guitar and vocals and is joined by the stellar cast of James Wise (drums), Tom Hart (bass) and Kurtis Downs (guitar). They treat each gig as an opportunity to break new ground, improve their sound and tightness, and leave an inspired audience in their wake.

Not long after their first batch of jam sessions and shows, the group hit their stride and have since done their utmost to maintain a high level of musicality and delivery. Every year they have played more gigs, traveled more miles and added more songs to the mix than the year before. Although based out of Calgary, most of their performances are scattered across Western Canada in variety of settings including festivals, bars, bike rallies and more. Mike’s debut album “Natural Causes” was released in 2014 and the follow-up is currently in progress, expected early 2017. The band is excited about this new selection of tunes and aim to continue their ascent towards being a top Canadian act and an unforgettable concert experience.

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Bookings/inquiries: mikemackenzieband@gmail.com